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Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Sun Jul 24 11:10:50 UTC 2005

On 24 Jul 2005, at 09:26, Andreas Wahlin wrote:
> I just added myself to the list.
> My name is Andreas Wahlin, aged 25 from Sweden.

Välkommen Andreas,
  My name is Mats, aged 21+ (stopped counting to prevent persistent  
depression ;-) ) and also a Swede :-),

> I fancy myself as a "web developer" and know my way around  
> JavaScript, DOM scripting and such things. I've really just began  
> to discover the rich world of wed development and try to immerse  
> myself in standards, AJAX and other buzzwords.

I saw your post on the TM blog, and really wanted to get in touch  
with you about it. Having worked with the XHTML/CSS/JS/PHP syntaxes  
over the past few months, I know where some of the weaknesses are and  
many of them have been noted for a long time, but it is always good  
to hear from someone new and fresh.

The problems we are having with the (X)HTML syntaxes are how to  
structure them up, avoiding repetitions, making them work with  
multiple other syntaxes (such as PHP, Ruby, etc).  Many of the causes  
for these limitations have just been removed in 1.1b14+, and I am  
trying to rework the (X)HTML syntaxes to work better, including  
specific level highlighting like the <form> tags you mentioned.

Actually, if you look at the PHP syntax you will find that there are  
specific syntax groups for each of the various function groups, so  
that you could have MySQL specific functions in green, while the  
Array specific functions are Yellow if you would want that, and the  
ultimate aim of the (X)HTML syntaxes are something along those lines.

The problem with (X)HTML is that it's a beast in my mind, and kind of  
hard to grasp firmly at times. So if you can find the time and energy  
to help with that we all would be grateful.

Max Williams (max13) has been working on an improved CSS syntax, with  
fine grained scopes and easy completions, so we are trying to improve  
the "Web Dev" side of TM as best we can in the given time and  

> I bought a Mac just a few months back, being totally fed up by  
> windows and not managing to switch to (Suse) Linux. To be honest, I  
> haven't really switched over to TextMate just yet, but something  
> clicked with beta15 and I'll probably be doing the switch real  
> soon, TextMate seems to be heading in the correct way so I really  
> see it as a future investment!

Well welcome again. I'm sure you will find it better on this side  
once you get used to a few things that are different. If there is  
anything that is preventing you from using TM as your main app, I  
would love to know what that specifically is, and I'm sure Allan is  
interested too.

You can find me on the #textmate irc channel most of the time, so do  
drop by for a chat.

PS:  Just for clarification I am just a happy TM user that is helping  
out with some of the WebDev syntaxes.

Kind regards,


"TextMate, coding with an incredible sense of joy and ease"
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