[TxMt] Window persistency (was Just came here ...)

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sun Jul 24 16:36:43 UTC 2005

> Well welcome again. I'm sure you will find it better on this side  
> once you get used to a few things that are different. If there is  
> anything that is preventing you from using TM as your main app, I  
> would love to know what that specifically is, and I'm sure Allan is  
> interested too.

There really is just one reason; my windows don't remember their  
positions. I'm on the "spatial team", and I have no tabbs in any  
program, and after a few hours of work I have like 10+ finder windows  
open. I need a window in the same space I left it. BBedit provides  
this, TextMate does not. I usually never bother with project things  
and such (which probably proves that I either work inefective or that  
I never worked at anything that big), instead I launch the files I  
want from the finder, and when I do launch that file, I want it at  
the same size, place and settings that I left it. THAT is the only  
reason for me not to switch right away (oh, and having to pay some  
money hehe)
If the program had some "save workspace on exit" thing that could  
work as well, but I'd really want some database somewhere with lots  
of windows settings.


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