[TxMt] [Feature request] Code auto-indenting

Robert M.Zigweid rzigweid at zigweid.net
Tue Feb 15 07:40:09 UTC 2005

On Feb 14, 2005, at 8:44 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On Feb 14, 2005, at 16:58, Tom Lazar wrote:
>>> In jEdit I used a feature all the time that auto-indented my code 
>>> blocks by pressng TAB. Is this available already, and if not, any 
>>> plans for future releases?
>> [...]
>> and related to this i'd like to see a function 'indent according to 
>> current mode' which would be extremely useful when editing code 
>> created by someone else/with another tool.
> I'm assuming that jEdit is for Java.
Just a clarification.  jEdit is written in Java, yes, but I believe 
it's got multiple modes for editing in different languages, just as 
TextMate does.  5 billion plugins for jEdit because it's been around 
longer though.

> I'd love to add the feature requested, but any idea on how I can 
> 'indent to current mode' when TextMate is used for 20+ languages, and 
> each language have like 5 different programming styles? ;)
And you're absolutely correct here too.

> There does however exist code beautifiers/pretty printers etc. which 
> could probably be called from TextMate (e.g. on selected text). 
> There's one included with OS X for C (called indent).
> If anyone knows of (a working) one for [Objective-]C++, let me know! :)
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