[TxMt] [Feature request] Code auto-indenting

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Mon Feb 14 18:45:22 UTC 2005

* Ben Jackson <ben at incomumdesign.com> [2005-02-14 10:55]:> 
> In jEdit I used a feature all the time that auto-indented my code blocks 
> by pressng TAB. Is this available already, and if not, any plans for 
> future releases?

I love this in emacs, which I think it's safe to say probably had this
before jEdit ;-)  Been using vim more lately though and not quite sure
how to do the same so easily... it'd be amazing to have in textmate.

If we could get Textmate to go to work for me everyday and do my
laundry too that'd be even better...



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