[TxMt] TM Icon Poll [Bartelme vs Ethan v3]

Jon Raphaelson jonraphaelson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 22:12:27 UTC 2005

Ok, I'm sorry I don't want to have people think I'm bitter or anything, 
but I would like to remind people that Bartelme's icon is derivative 
work. It says so on his website, and the original is what comes with 

> it's something to do with Bartelme's icon following the general "text 
> editor" icon look,

I know this is nit-picky, but the look, the layout, the icon with 
everything but the pen, new shadow and an up in saturation were mine 
long before Bartelme. I'm not trying to downplay Bartleme's talent 
(just look at his website to know how good he is as a designer) but I 
did a lot of work on this as well.

Thanks - just needed to get that out there. Sorry if it sounds 
vindictive or angry, it's really not.

Jon -

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