[TxMt] TM Icon Poll [Bartelme vs Ethan v3]

Chris Messina factoryjoe at factorycity.net
Wed Feb 9 22:22:44 UTC 2005

Hi Jon,

I think I can speak for a large portion of us (if not all) when I say 
that we all greatly appreciate your work on the TM icon. Bartelme has 
done other kinds of derivative work and I think that it's more like a 
nod to the original author than any kind of usurping of the spotlight.

Indeed, what I think we're all looking for is a nice icon for TM. We've 
gone through a number of icons so far -- with wide changes between each 
revision. That Bartelme took the latest released icon and improved upon 
it seems to me that we're finally coming to a consensus!!

I would suggest that the icon developers put their heads together and 
figure out the best possible combination of the latest submissions. I 
think that what we need is a big gear icon with more saturation (like 
Jon's + Bartelme's combined, but looking more like the KDEsque gear), 
but designed in accordance with the Apple guidelines (angle, lighting, 

Bartelme's work should push the icon's design forward -- and I think 
it's sparked another round of creativity that will hopefully drive us 
towards the final look... based on your contribution!


Jon Raphaelson wrote:

> Ok, I'm sorry I don't want to have people think I'm bitter or 
> anything, but I would like to remind people that Bartelme's icon is 
> derivative work. It says so on his website, and the original is what 
> comes with 1.1b4.
>> it's something to do with Bartelme's icon following the general "text 
>> editor" icon look,
> I know this is nit-picky, but the look, the layout, the icon with 
> everything but the pen, new shadow and an up in saturation were mine 
> long before Bartelme. I'm not trying to downplay Bartleme's talent 
> (just look at his website to know how good he is as a designer) but I 
> did a lot of work on this as well.
> Thanks - just needed to get that out there. Sorry if it sounds 
> vindictive or angry, it's really not.
> Jon -
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