[TxMt] quote matching

Justin French justin.french at indent.com.au
Sun Oct 31 00:43:31 UTC 2004

On 31/10/2004, at 3:49 AM, Carl Forde wrote:

>> There already is a feature for this: when you move over a 
>> parens/brace/etc, the matching one lights up briefly.
>> Although this could be improved as well.  Right now, the hilighting 
>> only occurs when you move forward over the closing member of the pair 
>> (unless I'm missing a menu option somewhere), instead of either 
>> direction over either opening or closing members.  BTW:  Consider 
>> this a feature request, if it's not already an option, and a plea for 
>> guidance otherwise.
> This feature is too "subtle" for me. I have great difficulty finding 
> the matched character. I like the way S-E-E does it: a double click on 
> a paren/brace/bracket selects the contents of the pair. This is very 
> clear and potentially very useful if you want to relocate the text.

Second this vote -- double-clicking braces to highlight the contents is 
a great feature, and sorely missed so far in TM.  Of course, the 
foldings actually alleviate  the problem, but old habbits die hard!


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