HTML, auto-complete and snippets (was Re: [TextMate] (no subject))

timothy martens timfm at
Thu Oct 7 03:57:40 UTC 2004

On Oct 6, 2004, at 4:01 AM, mnothrop wrote:

> I own skEdit, and really like it's auto-complete feature, which you 
> might consider more traditional, in that it's implemented similarly to 
> other apps (e.g. Dreamweaver, HomeSite); it suggests the likely tag 
> *as* you type, with a drop down menu that is likewise filtered in 
> real-time.
> In comparing the features you quickly see that skEdit's approach 
> augment's the user's knowledge and memory of syntax (either 
> reminding/reinforcing, or teaching), whereas TM requires a mental 
> mapping of not only specifics of syntax, but an additional aspect, in 
> the triggers. It may just be my perspective on this feature (i.e. 
> largely reliably, and strict syntax of HTML, vs. highly variable, 
> creative arrangements of syntax in programming languages,) but I don't 
> find this approach as convenient for X/HTML editing.

Well said Marc. I'm disappointed, because I had just assumed that 
(XHTML/CSS) code-hinting would be there by default in TextMate. But now 
as I read the list and the split in opinions about this feature -- I'm 
wondering if it will ever be reality. Not to sound too negative -- 
there's a lot I like about TM so far. Further exploration is in order 
before making judgments.

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