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Mon Oct 20 15:58:05 UTC 2008

Hi Andrew.

Main discussion mainly happens on IRC, we occasionally use textmate-dev.

I am not sure how you imagine the feature you request should be  
implemented. First of all, placing an NSDictionary in a nib and  
binding to that (via an object controller) is something the client  
using the DIALOG command can already do (if it makes sense).

Secondly, I’d be very wary of tying
Storing such settings in a project is rather tricky especially since  
project files will disappear in the future.

On 15 Oct 2008, at 17:28, Andrew Hanna wrote:

> Hello,
> Is this where the main discussion regarding the TM Dialog development
> is?  If so, I have a great suggestion that as far as I can tell has
> not yet been implemented.
> I think it would be great to expose a dictionary object usable as a
> NSObjectController in a Window inside a NIB that would be stored
> within a project.  This would be similar to using the "User Defaults"
> object, but instead it would be a sort of "Project Defaults".  This
> would allow for some configuration/customization based on individual
> projects rather than the system as a whole.  It would also allow for
> using and storing this information across version controlled systems,
> for example.
> I don't have much knowledge/experience in how the TM Dialog plugin
> works, so I wouldn't have much idea as to how one could implement
> this, and it may or may not require modifications to the core of
> TextMate.
> -Andrew
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