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Mon Oct 20 16:02:51 UTC 2008

Accidentally sent this… I hate my new wireless keyboard :(

Anyway, projects are sort of defined by files listed in the tmproj  
file except those can be folder references and this file will be  
removed in the future. I do want to support project specific  
properties, but not for TM 1.x.

But, if you see a need for the feature you request, you can already do  
it, e.g. store the plist under TM_PROJECT_DIR and read it into the  
modal before opening a nib.

On 20 Oct 2008, at 17:58, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> Hi Andrew.
> Main discussion mainly happens on IRC, we occasionally use textmate- 
> dev.
> I am not sure how you imagine the feature you request should be  
> implemented. First of all, placing an NSDictionary in a nib and  
> binding to that (via an object controller) is something the client  
> using the DIALOG command can already do (if it makes sense).
> Secondly, I’d be very wary of tying
> Storing such settings in a project is rather tricky especially since  
> project files will disappear in the future.
> On 15 Oct 2008, at 17:28, Andrew Hanna wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is this where the main discussion regarding the TM Dialog development
>> is?  If so, I have a great suggestion that as far as I can tell has
>> not yet been implemented.
>> I think it would be great to expose a dictionary object usable as a
>> NSObjectController in a Window inside a NIB that would be stored
>> within a project.  This would be similar to using the "User Defaults"
>> object, but instead it would be a sort of "Project Defaults".  This
>> would allow for some configuration/customization based on individual
>> projects rather than the system as a whole.  It would also allow for
>> using and storing this information across version controlled systems,
>> for example.
>> I don't have much knowledge/experience in how the TM Dialog plugin
>> works, so I wouldn't have much idea as to how one could implement
>> this, and it may or may not require modifications to the core of
>> TextMate.
>> -Andrew
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