[TxMt Plugins] TM Dialog Development

Andrew Hanna andrew at thehannasonline.com
Wed Oct 15 15:28:05 UTC 2008


Is this where the main discussion regarding the TM Dialog development  
is?  If so, I have a great suggestion that as far as I can tell has  
not yet been implemented.

I think it would be great to expose a dictionary object usable as a  
NSObjectController in a Window inside a NIB that would be stored  
within a project.  This would be similar to using the "User Defaults"  
object, but instead it would be a sort of "Project Defaults".  This  
would allow for some configuration/customization based on individual  
projects rather than the system as a whole.  It would also allow for  
using and storing this information across version controlled systems,  
for example.

I don't have much knowledge/experience in how the TM Dialog plugin  
works, so I wouldn't have much idea as to how one could implement  
this, and it may or may not require modifications to the core of  


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