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Brad Miller bmiller at luther.edu
Tue Sep 11 01:11:45 UTC 2007

Brad Miller
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Luther College

On 9/10/07, Alain Matthes <alain.matthes at mac.com> wrote:
> hello:)
> I try to make a specific theme for latex but I have some problems and
> some questions :
> Firstly, we need something like :
> {       name = 'constant.numeric.math.latex';
>                         match = '(([0-9]*[\.][0-9]+)|[0-9]+)';
>                 },
> because $ a+2b $ and \[ a+2b\] don't give the same thing

Parts do agree and parts are different for me, but I agree with you that all
parts of both expressions should be scoped the same.

Then I don't understand very well why all the part about "lstlisting"
> "lstlisting" don't work with utf8 and why it is not possible to make
> this work outside text.tex.latex ?
> (perhaps it is not possible ?)

I suppose I am partially to blame for that, since I worked on the grammar
early on, and I do a lot with lstlisting in my writing.  Why is this a
problem for you?


I would like to make a grammar about Tikz so I try to understand how
> to make this...
> I think perhaps a system of preferences like in Kile will be a good
> think : for the grammar but for completion
> 1) A kernel around tex and latex
> 2) modules for book with index and biblio....
> 3) modules for the different packages pstricks, tikz, beamer
> or perhaps different scopes : latex, latex-writer
> An other thing I would like also make a scope for latex-developper
> because we need a lot of keywords
> like global let def edef etc... with tex
> but with calc, ifthen, xkeyval there are a lot of others keywords,
> for example ifthenelse is very important.
> What is the good way to make this? I suppose that I need to add
> specific files but hox to proceed... ?
> Regards Alain (sorry for my bad english)
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