[TxMt] projects on remote servers

Frank Eves MD drfrankeves at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 15 01:45:35 UTC 2006

> minimal.design textmate at minimaldesign.net
> Wed Feb 15 00:10:25 GMT 200
> I just started working for this company where I HAVE to work off of  
> the server.
> ... Any help in optimizing a remote type workflow would be greatly  
> appreciated.

Transmit has a new feature they're calling 'Edit in Whatever.' Edit  
any remote file, in any app — even graphics!


Editing Files in an External Editor

Transmit can edit any remote file, using any local editor. Transmit  
will download the file to a temporary directory, and watch the file  
for changes. When you hit "Save" in your local editor, and the file  
is changed, Transmit will automatically upload the file to the server.

Select the file to be edited.
- Choose File > Edit in [Editor Name]. (The name of the Finder's  
default editor for that file type will be displayed.)
- Keep Transmit running while editing the file.
- Make the desired changes in the editor.
- If you want to keep the changes, save the file in the editor.  
Transmit will save the file to the server automatically. The editor  
can be closed or quit when it is no longer needed.

If you wish to edit files in a different editor than the Finder's  
- Right click, or control-click, the file to be edited.
- Choose Edit With > [Name of Editor You Want To Use]
- If the editor you wish to use isn't present, choose Edit With >  
Other... and select the editor manually

If you wish to permanently edit files in a different editor than the  
Finder's default:
- Choose Transmit > Preferences.
- Click Files.
- Click the  icon next to Custom File Editors.
- Type the extension you wish to associate (for example, html), and  
choose the application you wish to edit with.

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