[TxMt] Method/function list?

kumar mcmillan kmcmillan at leapfrogonline.com
Mon Nov 29 21:06:09 UTC 2004

On Nov 29, 2004, at 1:01 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On Nov 29, 2004, at 19:34, Chris Bailey wrote:
>> [...] I thought it was targeted at programmers, so this kind of thing 
>> seems like one of the more standard features to expect.
> I thought it was one of those features that the implementor thought 
> where nice to have but no-one actually used. But I think I've gotten 
> around 20-30 requests for such a popup ;)
> I'll add it in v1.1 where the syntax definition files will be extended 
> to extract amongst other such info from the document.

just to reiterate how this would be useful (to me anyway) : With a 
popup menu of all defined classes and functions you could jump to a 
function in two clicks.  On our development team we define functions 
alphabetically, for easy lookup, but when you are trying to move around 
a legacy file or some large class, scrolling is a pain no matter what.  
Emacs on Linux lets you search forward (Ctl-S) or search back (Ctl-R) 
but this to me isn't the perfect solution either because then you end 
up typing a lot more than necessary.  in fact, doing a key command to 
popup the function-browser menu then typing through the list to get a 
funciton alphabetically, one could really move fast.

even though I probably couldn't make a valid argument that this is more 
than just a "nice to have" feature, it is almost essential to working 
in poorly organized, large class files (I switch to SubEthaEdit when I 
am in that situation currently).  When officially switching to TextMate 
the lack of a function-popup made me feel crippled :(

anyway, glad to hear this has made the to-do list.  I think TextMate 
will officially clobber BBEdit with this feature plus the SFTP/ CVS, 
etc in 1.1  :D


>> One other thing I’d really like to see is the equivalent of the 
>> “bbedit –w”
>> command line syntax, so that I can use TM as my Perforce editor.
> What does -w do?
> I'm guessing it starts BBEdit and doesn't exit before the document is 
> closed again in BBEdit -- I made an OS X service which does this, I 
> can probably turn that into a command line tool in a few minutes, then 
> I can also add a -l/--line option which I've seen requested.
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