[TxMt] Jan Sabbe is a genius

Paul Nordstrom August paul at archivistes.com
Thu Nov 25 16:00:42 UTC 2004

now if only I had had this about 60 minutes ago, when I typed in the 
colors by hand from the Apple palette!

Many thanks! I tried the first version but didn't work; I guess I had 
the wrong version of ruby or just the default one...

brilliant, and really cool to boot :)

On 25 Nov 2004, at 16:46, Jan Sabbe wrote:

> I updated the command:
> * it can use ruby 1.6.8 (installed by default on osx, so it should be 
> in your path)
> * switches back to TextMate after picking the color
> * doesn't print the newline, doesn't select the output, so you can 
> just continue typing

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