[TxMt] web color palates for TM?

Jan Sabbe jan.sabbe at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Nov 25 15:46:25 UTC 2004

Op 25-nov-04 om 10:23 heeft Jarkko Laine het volgende geschreven:

> This is a grrrreat "plugin" and shows just how plain awesome the 
> extensibility of TextMate is!!!
> I had to change 'ruby' to '/usr/local/bin/ruby' to get the command to 
> work. In command line even 'ruby' worked but when launched from 
> TextMate, ruby was not found. This is probably an issue with the 
> non-interactive/interactive shells that has been discussed before. 
> Anyway, putting the whole path into the command helped.

Yeah, you have to set up your PATH in .bashrc

> The command also puts a newline character after the color value. This 
> can be avoided by recording a macro where you:
> 1) Invoke the command.
> 2) Click right-arrow.
> 3) Click backspace.
> This gets rid of the newline so you can add the semicolon right after 
> the hex value ;-)

You could replace 'puts' by 'print'.

I updated the command:
* it can use ruby 1.6.8 (installed by default on osx, so it should be 
in your path)
* switches back to TextMate after picking the color
* doesn't print the newline, doesn't select the output, so you can just 
continue typing

I'd put it on the wiki, but it looks very empty :-) Anyone doing some 
major restructuring on it?

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