[TxMt] web color palates for TM?

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Wed Nov 24 11:27:48 UTC 2004

On Nov 24, 2004, at 10:55, Paul Nordstrom August wrote:
> I found myself opening BBEdit yesterday just for the web color palate. 
> Does anyone know of a similar swatch picker (perhaps standalone) that 
> would work within TM?

I too has encountered that issue.  One way around it is to open the 
Font panel ( cmd + T ) and then click on the "Text colour" button in 
the top bar there for a Color Picker palette.  You can't 
programatically copy the colour value or anything like it, but you can 
mentally copy your desired colour values. It is far from ideal, but 
perhaps it saves you from starting up/switching to BBEdit.

Experience leads me to believe Allan probably has worked out - or can 
work out - a solution for it relatively quickly if enough people would 
need it and it wouldn't require too much time and work on his part.  

Personally, I would be satisfied with the system wide Apple Colour 
Picker palette that's available in Mail and other apps, and then have 
the value of the selected colour saved on the Clipboard as a hex-value 
for pasting into location.

Anyway, just my 2 pence worth of ideas. : )

Kind regards,


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