[TxMt] web color palates for TM?

Fred B. fredb7 at starflam.com
Wed Nov 24 13:22:28 UTC 2004

You can check iPick.

Works well and source code is available.

Fred B.

On 24-nov.-04, at 12:27, Mats Persson wrote:

> On Nov 24, 2004, at 10:55, Paul Nordstrom August wrote:
>> I found myself opening BBEdit yesterday just for the web color 
>> palate. Does anyone know of a similar swatch picker (perhaps 
>> standalone) that would work within TM?
> I too has encountered that issue.  One way around it is to open the 
> Font panel ( cmd + T ) and then click on the "Text colour" button in 
> the top bar there for a Color Picker palette.  You can't 
> programatically copy the colour value or anything like it, but you can 
> mentally copy your desired colour values. It is far from ideal, but 
> perhaps it saves you from starting up/switching to BBEdit.
> Experience leads me to believe Allan probably has worked out - or can 
> work out - a solution for it relatively quickly if enough people would 
> need it and it wouldn't require too much time and work on his part.  
> (??)
> Personally, I would be satisfied with the system wide Apple Colour 
> Picker palette that's available in Mail and other apps, and then have 
> the value of the selected colour saved on the Clipboard as a hex-value 
> for pasting into location.
> Anyway, just my 2 pence worth of ideas. : )
> Kind regards,
> Mats
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