[TxMt] Velocity Template Language Syntax Highlighting

Jamal Johnson jamal.johnson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 22:06:22 UTC 2004

i just stumbled upon TextMate while looking for a native development
text editor and am _very_ impressed with it's featureset and believe i
will be purchasing soon.

i am wondering, however, if there is anyone out there who has
developed (or _loves_ to develop ;)) a syntax highlighting plist /
bundle for the Velocity Template Language
(http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity/vtl-reference-guide.html)? i am
terrible with regular expressions unfortunately, so i'm not having
much luck with it. it's basically a dynamic language like php or asp
and is mainly used in web (html type) files which can include css,
javascript, xml / xsl etc.... the best / closest type i've found to
work is the ASP style. it's _very_ close but would like to have
certain things highlighted differently and it's missing (obviously
since it's a different language) a bunch of declarations. i am
desperate for this type of highlighting.

if anyone is interested in helping me out, i could send an example
file that includes javascript, xml / xsl, css and Velocity markup. any

thanx in advance, jamal

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