[TxMt] Re: Javascript bundle only creates block comments with cmd-/

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Feb 25 02:08:18 UTC 2018

On 20 Feb 2018, at 3:39, Evan Jones wrote:

> Something's gone wonky with my Javascript bundle (and only that one, 
> as far as I can tel)l.  Every time I hit cmd-/ to comment/uncomment 
> some text, it uses an unindented block comment instead of the 
> double-slash single line comment I expect. ("/* */", rather than "// 
> ")
> […]
> A) how I could fix this particular issue, or
> B) how I could remove all my changes to the Javascript bundle and 
> revert simply to the repo version?

In a JavaScript file select _Bundles → Select Bundle Item…_ 
(⌃⌘T) and switch to “Settings” then enter `comment`, you should 
see something like this:

![](cid:76502596-59D4-4DFA-A630-09E22D8D35E2 at textmate.org)

 From this window, you can edit the settings, but any changes you have 
made to the JavaScript (and other bundles) should be located in 
`~/Library/Application Support/TextMate`. So a rough way to revert to 
defaults is simply to remove that folder (or the bundles contained in 

I would still suggest first looking at the settings via the above 
dialog, because the issue might also be that you installed a third party 
bundle that override the comment settings for the JavaScript scope.
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