[TxMt] Javascript bundle only creates block comments with cmd-/

Evan Jones evan_t_jones at mac.com
Mon Feb 19 20:39:50 UTC 2018

Hi all - 
	Something's gone wonky with my Javascript bundle (and only that one, as far as I can tel)l.  Every time I hit cmd-/ to comment/uncomment some text, it uses an unindented block comment instead of the double-slash single line comment I expect. ("/* */", rather than "// ") 

"      this line"
"/*      this line*/"
when what I want and expect is
"      // this line"

I suspect this has to do with some way I've edited the language bundle incorrectly.  Does anyone know 
A) how I could fix this particular issue, or 
B) how I could remove all my changes to the Javascript bundle and revert simply to the repo version?

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