[TxMt] New bundle for Modelica language

Juande Santander juandesant at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 14:41:10 UTC 2017

Hi, all, if you are not interested in the Modelica system definition and
simulation language, you can stop here ;-)

I have been looking for a TextMate bundle that supported Modelica  —see,
for instance, http://openmodelica.org—, and could not find one, but I found
a SublimeText version, and instructions on how to create a TextMate one.

If you are interested, you might want to look for


Juande Santander-Vela
System Engineer (Science Data Processor/Telescope Manager)
Square Kilometre Array/SKA Organisation
Jodrell Bank Observatory, Lower Withington
Macclesfield SK11 9DL, United Kingdom
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