[TxMt] set alternative to ESC key for autocomplete ? (on new macbook)

◒ Simon Lucas ◒ simon at spiral.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 09:55:38 UTC 2017


I  have to use a new MacBook Pro at work (a mixed blessing). It has a virtual real ESC key. I find this really awkward when typing Actionscript and using autocomplete. I need a real key (for tactile feedback).

I would like to use the § key at the top left as it is nearest to where the ESC key should be.

I have found and looked at KeyBindings.dict but cannot work out which is the correct key mapping to edit to get what I need. 

I can see "$\033"    = "previousCompletion:" , but not anything for 'nextCompletion'.

Is it best to attempt this here or at Bundle level??

Thank-you for any ideas, please


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