[TxMt] Re: License buying option up to date?

Carpii UK carpii.uk at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 23:59:24 UTC 2016

> That said, I’d love to hear the answer to this question as I paid for a
> 1.5 license after switching to 2 in good faith that the money would support
> further development. I’d like to know that the money useful (and that the
> coffers aren’t running dry).

I just checked when I actually bought a TM license.
Was surprised to see I paid 50 EUR for it way back in 2009.
TM1 didn't work too well for me, but even so, TM2 easily paid for itself in
the first week I started using it.

Maybe I'll buy another license this week. A single sale of 50 EUR, 7 years
ago, doesn't really support the amount of effort Allan puts into developing
and supporting TM2

Maybe there should be a way to register the product, and also a gentle
reminder that it can be licensed (even if it was just once every few months
or something)?

It would serve as a reminder for the people who do want to support it, but
perhaps like me, have kinda forgotten how long ago I actually spent anything
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