[TxMt] disable atomic saves?

Carpii UK carpii.uk at gmail.com
Tue May 24 05:40:38 UTC 2016

Is there a 'defaults' option to disable atomic saves in TM2?

I host all my code on linux VM's on an ESXI server
Usually I mount them via AFP, but Im ditching this now in favour of Samba

Since moving to SMB/CIFS, I'm finding TM2 is now frequently complaining
that it cannot save a file due to 'Resource Busy'

When this happens, even restarting TM2 doesn't fix it, I have to restart
the Samba service on the server (which isn't a great solution)

I think it may be somehow related to atomic saves, so Id like to disable
those (given that I still have git to protect any aborted writes)

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