[TxMt] Re: Emmit Plugin in 2.0-beta.11.9

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Fri Jul 15 08:31:39 UTC 2016

On 14 Jul 2016, at 22:39, Graham Heath wrote:

> This might not seem like a big deal, but I love Emmet, and so do many 
> of my
> web-dev cohorts.

I didn’t know this was actually working for anybody.

> I’m not sure if this
> is because its crashing in use, or if its because the plugin was 
> installed,
> but doesn’t support the OS and therefore it crashes in the 
> background
> without issue, or if there are other crashes.

It crashes during load with `EXC_BAD_ACCESS`, here’s an excerpt from 
the crash:

	io.emmet.EmmetTextmate     +[Emmet sharedInstance] + 47
	io.emmet.EmmetTextmate     -[Emmet init] + 87
	io.emmet.EmmetTextmate     -[Emmet setupJSContext] + 233
	com.apple.CoreFoundation   -[__NSArrayM 
enumerateObjectsWithOptions:usingBlock:] + 217
	com.apple.JavaScriptCore   WTFCrash + 62

> Is there any way to know if this custom built plugin is causing crash
> reports, or is it just the original?

I extracted the UUID from the updated binary and searched for “load 
plug-in” crash reports with this UUID, and did not find any.

So it does not appear that this version has caused any crashes.

> What I’ve discovered so far is that the blacklisting uses "contains" 
> rather
> than "equals" so updating the Bundle identifier to
> 'io.emmet.EmmetTextmate2' was not enough

You tested this?

The blacklist is an array, and the check is if the _array_ contains the 
bundle identifier. So it should have worked.

It’s worth mentioning that the blacklist can be changed by updating 
user defaults, so anyone with the updated/working Emmet plug-in can also 

	defaults write com.macromates.TextMate.preview disabledPlugIns -array

But it would be best to give the working plug-in a new bundle identifier 
and have people use that instead. I can add a release notes entry about 
this, if there is something “official”.
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