[TxMt] Re: what changed in TextMate 2.0 beta 12?

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon Aug 8 20:17:14 UTC 2016

On 8 Aug 2016, at 22:01, Erik Neumann wrote:

> I just started TextMate and it prompted me to install this new version 
> 2.0
> beta 12.  That's all great.  But I'd like to know what changed from 
> the
> previous version.  I've looked at the various TextMate places 
> (textmate.org
> and github) but can't find any kind of list of "what changed" in the 
> new
> version, and not even a list of issues that got closed.

 From the menu select TextMate → About TextMate → Changes for a list 
of changes. Here you can also see what changes are happening in bundles 
(the Bundles tab).

Normally TextMate shows this automatically but anyone who started using 
TextMate after beta 8.4 (or wiped their settings since this build) would 
not see the changes.

Future versions will show changes automatically.

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