[TxMt] Re: Option-click -- can the "hide others" behavior be disabled?

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Aug 20 15:32:57 UTC 2015

On 20 Aug 2015, at 2:16, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

> I have extremely strong muscle memory from other applications (Finder, 
> Freeway, I'm sure there's others) that Option-click on a filename 
> steps into that filename for editing.

My Finder does not do that.

> In TM2, it seems to hide all the other files I have open in tabs

That would be option double-click (or option single-click).

Option double-click in Finder hides Finder (before launching the new 
app) and option single-click the Dock, will hide the current app, before 
moving focus to the one clicked.

So TM2 seems rather consistent with system behavior.

> and I can't figure out how to undo this once it has happened. Is there 
> a way to disable this? How do you go back from having hidden all the 
> other tabs?

You can’t disable it (without building your own version of TextMate).

The best solution, after you closed stuff you did not mean to close, is 
using ⌘T. This has the files sorted after “last recently used” and 
you can multi-select, so shift arrow-down a few times and press return, 
and it should re-open your most recently used files.

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