[TxMt] Re: Press and hold key for special characters (Umlauts)

Fukurokujo fukurokujoe at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 23 14:15:28 UTC 2014

Press and Hold is far more useful than that and should not be difficult to get working (change of protocol from NSTextInput to NSTextInputClient)
It is very useful for every kind of Unicode character e.g. When writing Hindi, German, English or any other combination languages or Unicode characters.
Also implementing modern OS X features should be done to maintain consistency with other parts of the OS.

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On 23.11.2014, at 15:00, Carsten Hoever <hoever at gmx.de> wrote:

>> I need to type special characters (ä, ü, ö, ß) quite often.
>> Normally on MacOS applications this is done by press-and-hold a key and then select the special character. For applications where this gets in the way (e.g. MacVim) this can be disabled.
>> TextMate 2 seems to have this feature disabled by default. I can't figure out how to enable it. The command 'defaults write com.macromates.TextMate.preview ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool true' does not work.
> I assume you are on an english keyboard layout? If so, you might want to consider to activate the "U.S. International - PC" keyboard as input source for OSX. You can write ä,ö,ü as " followed by a/o/e (other accented letters can be created in a similar way) and ß is simply alt+s. Works very smooth and fast for me, I could never go back to a german keyboard layout.
> /Carsten
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