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Rolf Langenhuijzen rolf.langenhuijzen at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 7 07:36:16 UTC 2014


I think he was just saying that the lead devs of the TextMate app are
not using JS, and so they focus on other things first before
implementing ES6. 


Ken Snyder schreef op 2014-11-07 00:09: 

> I think building ES6 support directly into the existing bundle is great as long as it can be done without conflict. As for timing, the time is now ... for instance I am using EmberJS for frontend development where everything is written in ES6 now and transpiled back to ES5 before being sent to the browser. BTW, I was a bit surprised to hear that you feel that TextMate developers don't use JavaScript much ... what is this based on? JS is one of the most used languages these days (I saw some metric recently saying it was the _most _used) and beyond scale it has momentum too with NodeJS and it's unique role in the browser. Not saying that your supposition about JS and TM is incorrect but I just find it surprising. Do you think JS developers are primarily using Atom? Sublime? If so, why do you suppose this is? 
> Ken 
> On 6 November 2014 21:23, Igor K <me at igorkozlov.me> wrote:
> On 6 11 2014, at 23:11, Ken Snyder <ken+textmate at ken.net> wrote: 
> Anyway, just wondering if there is going to be anything official for ES6 coming soon. 
> Well, default JavaScript bundle already supports some of ES6 keywords. 
> I doubt there's any need in creating separate bundle for that. 
> I'll gladly contribute myself in my spare time when ES6 reaches its final state. 
> AFAIK lead TextMate developers don't use themselves JavaScript much, 
> so I doubt they'll invest time in that, thought pull requests are always welcome 
> and they always offer help. 
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