[TxMt] Re: Mail bundle font setting

Jon Ippolito jippolito at maine.edu
Mon Mar 10 12:54:49 UTC 2014

Tim Bates wrote:
> https://github.com/jessegrosjean/quickcursor
> Textmate should just include this, as it rocks for using TextMate as  external editor for, for instance, an mail.app :-)
> I use it 10 times a day, I?d estimate.
Thanks--I currently use QuickCursor in TM1. That said, the old Edit-in-Textmate remembered formatting properties like quote indentation, which made it easier to parse email messages, color-code the syntax, and so forth. The old Edit-in-Textmate also saved changes every time you hit Command-S; QuickCursor's changes don't render in Mail until you close the window, and sometimes those changes are lost (say, when multitasking from one window to another).

Still, I appreciate the recommendation, because I'm assuming from your message that QuickCursor works with TM2. As mentioned previously, the other functionality keeping me in TM1 is the ability to edit in Web Preview. Does anyone do that in TM2?

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