[TxMt] Re: indented soft wrap, yet again

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Sat Mar 1 17:15:19 UTC 2014

On Feb 28, 2014, at 10:28 PM, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist at textmate.org> wrote:

> When we review bundles, we ensure that all items are scoped so that they are only active for the bundle’s language

I don't see how you make that out. The Source bundle's double-slashed comment indentedSoftWrap is scoped to comment.line.double-slash; it does not limit itself to source scope. That's the problem.

Similarly, the Text bundle's numbered list indentedSoftWrap is scoped to markup.list.numbered; it does not ask me whether I want _my_ numbered lists to use this setting, it just does it to me.

Thus, for example, if I want to avoid this indented soft wrapping for comments, I can't call my scope comment.line.double-slash.asciidoc. What I'm saying is, okay, then if that is your Final Answer, okay, I won't call my scope that - but asciidoc _does_ have single-line double-slashed comments, so it would be nice if I _could_ use this name but could use my settings to give different instructions for indentedSoftWrap in the comment.line.double-slash.asciidoc scope, namely "none".

Similarly for numbered lists.

That doesn't seem an unreasonable expectation.


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