[TxMt] Re: indented soft wrap, yet again

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sat Mar 1 06:28:57 UTC 2014

On 27 Feb 2014, at 23:33, Matt Neuburg wrote:

> (1) One question is whether I can do anything about this effect […]

No, TextMate’s behavior here is pretty deterministic ;)

> (2) I _still_ need a way to shelter myself from indentedSoftWrap! I 
> can see that for some scopes, e.g. double-slashed comments, other 
> bundles are fighting me: they are trying to do indented soft wrap, 
> while I am trying to prevent it. I believe this is making TextMate 
> unhappy. :) Apart from turning off this feature in each of the other 
> bundles, which I would prefer not to do, what can I do about this? In 
> other words, how can I shelter myself, within my bundle, from the 
> attempt of other bundles to impose indentedSoftWrap upon me?

This is twofold, as a bundle creator you should not shelter your bundle 
from external settings. The user may have good reason to inject settings 
into your bundle’s scopes.

As an end-user, you can disable the indented soft wrap settings that we 
have in the default bundles. This needs to be done once, and that’s it 
(see earlier thread). When we review bundles, we ensure that all items 
are scoped so that they are only active for the bundle’s language, 
unless of course it’s meant to be global, e.g. the recent Merge 
Markers bundle.

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