[TxMt] Re: re-defining an alternative keyboard shortcut

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Jan 26 14:31:07 UTC 2014

On 26 Jan 2014, at 8:10, Etienne Samson wrote:

> I've overridden the default shortcut of "Text->Indent Line" & 
> "Text->Indent Selection" to ⌃I using System Preferences (both since 
> the menu item name changes depending on context), and the default one 
> (⌥⌘[) can't be done on a French keyboard ("[" is ⌥⇧(, which 
> end up being the same than "Shift Left" (⌘[) just above.
> The first time I open TM I have to click the Text menu so the shortcut 
> registers, afterward it works fine, until I have to restart TM (for 
> one reason or another, but thankfully that's not often).

This is because the initial title of that item is “Indent Line / 
Selection” and is dynamically updated when either the menu is opened 
or the item is being invoked.

If you also add a binding for this title, then it should work at launch.

I was under the impression that the key bindings set in System 
Preferences were checked at program launch, and the menu items had their 
key equivalent updated accordingly, thus one should always use the 
“initial title” and could ignore any dynamic titles.

In my testing it would however seem that the dynamic titles must also be 
listed. This might be new, either OS update or when I switched to 64 bit 
(which did change several aspects of menu item behavior).

Given that one (now) must list all the titles, it sounds like I should 
change the initial title to one of the states, to avoid this gotcha.

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