[TxMt] indented soft wrap, yet again

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Tue Feb 25 17:56:36 UTC 2014

In my new AsciiDoc bundle, I've still got a major problem which was one of the reasons I wrote my own bundle - in other words, my attempt to solve this problem by rewriting this bundle from scratch didn't work.

The problem is manifested in various guises, but one of the main ways is that when I scroll up in a long document, the window hesitates for about a second before showing the new window-full of text.

I have come to suspect that this is because of indented soft wrapping. I do not have any indented soft wrapping, and I do not see any indented soft wrapping, and I do not *want* any indented soft wrapping, but various indications lead me to believe that other bundles are trying to impose it upon me in some contexts.

I could try to find all of these contexts and give their scopes different names, but what I would *really* like to do is shelter my main scope (text.asciidoc) from all imposed indented soft wrapping. In other words, I just want to turn this feature OFF. I believe that this will greatly assist the text window in rendering.

How do I do that? I see how to specify what indented soft wrapping *is* for some scope, but is there a setting that just says NO to all indented soft wrapping? Can I say indentedSoftWrap = :false?

(Note that I want to keep soft wrapping; this is a marked-up text bundle, so it has paragraphs that need to soft wrap. But I want to relieve the layout engine of _all_ **indented** soft wrapping, as I believe this is causing the layout engine to suffer greatly.)

Thanks - m.

PS We were just starting to talk about this in an earlier thread when I interrupted the flow, by talking about the problem of a GUI to handle things like this. But now I'm sorry I did that, because I never got to hear the answer. :)

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