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Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Mon Feb 3 03:16:06 UTC 2014

On Feb 2, 2014, at 6:41 PM, Philippe Huibonhoa <phuibonhoa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe a setting in the view menu by (the normal soft wrap menu item) that when turned off makes textmate ignore all bundle wrapping settings?

There are two problems I'm having:

* A setting that causes a phenomenon I'm seeing could come from many different places (including a theme or a setting, as well as a language grammar) in a bundle different from the one I think I'm in.

* And then to confuse matters *still more* there are all these global settings, plus the .tm_properties files.

If we did what Philippe suggests, it would be *even more* confusing than it is already: "I'm saying to wrap so why aren't we wrapping?" One more undiscoverable thing off in one more undiscoverable location (the view menu or whatever).

It makes me want to argue for exactly the opposite of what Philippe is saying: there should be NO global settings, NO view menu settings. Everything should be in files that I can actually find, in order to govern and understand what's going on.

But at the same time there needs to be a way, as I suggested earlier, to ask TM2 to *tell* me what's going on - for any given phenomenon, *what* file is causing this behavior / phenomenon, including how it overshadows any other files that are trying to influence the same behavior.

It seems to me that this can't really be that hard to do, because TM2 must *have* a knowledge of this. It has a logic that *causes* any given aspect of what I'm experiencing. So it should surely be able to *tell* me that logic.


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