[TxMt] Projects in TM2: simple include/exclude directories

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Tue Nov 26 21:34:04 UTC 2013

Thanks for the help!

> On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 2:52 AM, backspaces wrote:
> > First, each folder would need their own .tm_properties files.  This
> means if
> > the same folder is in multiple projects, you have no exclude/include
> files
> > capabilities for the multiple projects.  Each project would have to have
> the
> > same contents, according to their folders' .tm_properties file.
>   The folder being included in multiple projects does not require its
> own .tm_properties file.
>   Each project folder can have its own .tm_properties file with its
> own configuration, but note that, as Allan said, symbolic links to
> folders are currently not expanded.

Is "project folder" different from any other, other than the .tm_properties
and the fact that it is a folder rather than a file?

  Not sure if this makes sense in your context but maybe you can try
> changing your workflow and treating your shared folder as a project on
> its own (having its own window open along other projects, etc).  I
> have a couple projects that depend on other projects and I work this
> way in order to have Go To File and searching capabilities in the
> subprojects.

OK, sounds reasonable.

> > Second, lets presume my project starts in my home directory.  Then I can
> > have only one project there, specified by the .tm_properties file, which
> > would have to include my multiple folders. Thus my home directory can be
> a
> > project folder for only a single project.  (Yikes!)
>   Just curious: why would you want your home folder to be a project
> folder?  One usually wants the home folder to have one or more project
> folders inside.  I have a folder for each project and all of them are
> in a Developer folder in my home folder.

My home folder has many folders, many of which I'd like to have be in
multi-folder projects.  So ~/bin and ~/notes are a pair, while a second
pair are ~/bank (receipts) and ~/config (a collection of configuration
files used elsewhere)

If I understand correctly, I'd have to have a .tm_properties file for each
pair, not possible given the file hierarchy style of projects

> Third, a work around would be to simply have a separate folder per
> project,
> > containing symbolic links (ln -s) to the folders I want in my project.
>   This is not a workaround, this is the expected way to handle projects.

A-ha!  OK, so I can make a TM folder that contains a folder for each of my
TM projects, each of which in turn have symlinks to my actual folders?
 That fixes everything.

> Sorry: one last question: I'd like my projects to be double-clickable to
> open
> > them.  Can I do that?

Interesting, I'll look into that.  Thanks!

>   I know this can be done by using the Favorites feature.  From Mate's
> drawer, you can navigate then right click a folder and add it to
> favorites, and all your favorites are available from the heart icon in
> the bottom right, or from File, Open Favorites... .
>   Hope that helps,
> --
> :: dip
> --

Thanks for the help, I appreciate the time & effort.

   -- Owen
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