[TxMt] TM_SUPPORT_PATH, LaTeX scripts

Dustin Wheeler mskblackbelt at me.com
Thu May 16 13:53:49 UTC 2013

I posted this on the tex.stackexchange a few days ago, but figured this might be another path to consider. Here is my issue:

This is a recent development, and I'm not sure what I've changed to make this happen… other than setting `TM_SUPPORT_PATH` to `~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Managed/Bundles/Bundle Support.tmbundle/Support/shared`.

I had to do that a month ago to get LaTeX files to compile (another mystery, since it previously compiled without issue). They seem to work fine now, but when I try to create italics (or bold, underline, etc.), TextMate spits back the error:

>  Failure running “Italic”.
>  Italic: line 4: toggle_style.rb: command not found

This same error occurs when I try to invoke other scripts contained in the LaTeX bundle (Tidy, anything invoking texMate.py). All of these seem to rely on `TM_SUPPORT_PATH` in the script, and yet none of these scripts resides within the shared directory… They're all in `~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Managed/Bundles/LaTeX.tmbundle/Support/bin`.

I could solve this problem by changing the path in all of the scripts to a `TM_LATEX_SUPPORT` path, or by moving or linking all of the scripts to the shared directory… but this doesn't seem like it should be necessary. Any ideas on what I may have broken?

Dustin Wheeler
mskblackbelt at me.com

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