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Ken Snyder ken+textmate at ken.net
Thu Jun 27 08:18:35 UTC 2013

I love navigating classes with the Go To Symbol ⇧⌘T dialog. So much so, in
fact, that I now have started keeping it open all the time so that I have
quicker access but also to just give me context of all the methods
available in the class.

That said, I've noticed that as you modify the file -- while keeping the Go
To Symbol dialog open -- the symbol links become out of sync and the only
way I know of to fix this is to close it and then re-open it. Is this
something that could be automatically kept up-to-date? If not, is there a
hotkey to refresh it?

Finally, as I've started to keep this window open I started thinking of
things I'd love to see added if possible:

   - *Docking*. Could this window not be docked into the same location as
   the file explorer? If this were done well it could be really nice.
   - *Public/Private/Protected*. If there were some subtle but always-on
   font distinctions between access modifiers this could be quite useful. I'd
   love to also see "static" called out in some way but obviously don't want
   to clutter the font palette too much.
   - *Signature Balloons*. If you held your cursor over a method it would
   be nice to see the signature of that method. This would save a lot of toing
   and frowing in a file.

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