[TxMt] Batch Find/Replace/Save issue when saving across SMB to files without proper write permissions.

Jason McC. Smith jason at ncpod.org
Wed Jun 26 18:36:32 UTC 2013

Alright, this may be an extreme boundary case, but it just bit me hard at
work, so I thought I'd give a heads up.

1) Work server is accessed via SMB.

2) Batch Find All/Replace All is done for some API changes.

3) Second Find All/Replace All is started, alert pops up "would you like to
save your changes?"  Yes, please.

4) Everything looks good.

5) *Some* files on server *are not changed*.  Others are correctly edited.

6) Files that are not saved properly have permissions of rw-r--r--.  Files
that are saved properly have rw-rw-r--.

Now, the fix is to change permissions, but I want to point out that *this
failed silently*.  That to me is the problem.  If I save the files
individually, I get a helpful "The file Foo is locked.  Do you want to
overwrite it anyway?", but if they're saved as an action from the Find
panel... no warnings, no alerts, nothing.  Silent failure.

Just FYI.
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