[TxMt] Re: SCM tracking not working

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Jun 6 03:31:12 UTC 2013

On Jun 3, 2013, at 15:37, Mike <textmate at miabog.com> wrote:

> I'm at a loss here. I just set up my first Git repo.
> I was playing around with the bundle and SCM tracking was working earlier today.
> I had badges in my file browser and everything. Now, nothing. 

Is this on a local file system?

TextMate won’t do badges on a remote file system since getting status require hashing files, effectively sending content of all files over the network.

> Even my $TM_SCM_BRANCH variable is empty
> (which is supposed to display in my title bar per my .tm_properties file.)

Just a general FYI the default window title also contain SCM branch and project folder, if either exist. So for most users, there should be no need to manually set windowTitle.

> However, all Git commands work perfectly via the bundle commands.

Do they work via ⌘Y? IOW if you press ⌃⇧P in a file, do you see ‘attr.scm.git’ in the tool tip?

If so, TextMate does pick up that your project is tracked by git but just doesn’t run the required commands to get badges and branch automatically. This could either be because it can’t find your git executable (e.g. TM_GIT is set to a bogus value) or because you’re on a remote/special file system.

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