[TxMt] Re: Do I have to pay for the final TM 2 license key?

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Jul 18 22:48:31 UTC 2013

On 19 Jul 2013, at 0:22, kafi wrote:

> […] So, you do not intend to make TM2 free for non-commercial 
> personal use because the license allows you so.

I already replied to your first letter: 

And this isn’t a case of “because the license allows it”. TextMate 
has always been commercial software and recently, I released the source 
under a license that I picked myself, and of course I picked a license 
that wouldn’t disallow something that I was already doing.

> Since, there are plenty of proof of such, could you share some names?

I said plenty of proof of free != open — just google it!

For indie software being sold but with the source available, both 
Limechat and Colloquy are in the iOS app store, but started as open 
source projects. Growl is in the Mac app store, but also has the source 
availble. QuickCursor I think is now pulled from the Mac app store, but 
is also on GitHub, I know there are more, but really, do your own 
research if you need this info!

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