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Rolf Langenhuijzen rolf.langenhuijzen at xs4all.nl
Fri May 11 06:59:01 UTC 2012


I agree, it just feels like what you expect. 

If you want to go
fancy and there's an internet connection then show latest news or a feed
from this list. 

But an empty space.. ++ 

Elia Schito schreef op
2012-05-11 00:36: 

> I _vote_ for the empty space, since it's the
"project" that somehow is open and not a particular file. 
> Opening an
untitled doc again on the contrary feels a bit confusing to me. 
> More
a workaround than a solution…
> (for the nostalgic a giant TextMate
icon is also acceptable) 
> Elia 
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> On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 9:19 AM, Brandon Fryslie
<bmf at matewiki.com [9]> wrote:
>> Or it could be a Dashboard with some
usage statistics - time spent using your 'favorite' languages, most
accessed commands, frequently used keyboard shortcuts, number of bundles
installed, etc. 
>> Just a random thought I had - could be cool! 
>> Brandon Fryslie 
>> http://www.MateWiki.com [3] - A TextMate 2
>> On Friday, May 4, 2012 at 4:39 PM, Artie Ziff wrote: 

>>> On 2/29/12 5:13 AM, Rob McBroom wrote: 
>>>> On Feb 28, 2012,
at 4:38 PM, Curt Sellmer wrote: 
>>>>> It would also be nice if
there were a setting where when you close the last tab in a window,
instead of the entire window closing, a new untitled document was used
as a placeholder instead, just as when a folder is originally
>>>> +1 
>>>> In the meantime, you can use the File → Open
Recent menu item to semi-quickly reopen the thing. (Or right-arrow into
TextMate using Quicksilver.)
>>> Thank you, Rob for pointing out
this quick recovery. 
>>> FWICT, when TM2 is launched from the command
line on a directory, the 
>>> window we are looking at is an untitled
document window as opposed to an 
>>> empty file browser window. That's
the crux of the issue, right? If you 
>>> close the last document window
then the file browser goes with it, 
>>> because the file browser is an
accessory to the document window as 
>>> opposed to being a standalone
file browser. 
>>> This is a usability issue as I may never be able to
prevent myself from 
>>> closing a document window. Even when clicking
on the close icon in the 
>>> browser's file list, the browser is closed
with it. I wonder how the TM2 
>>> Jedi Council will decide what will be
the final behavior? Perhaps the 
>>> most logical thing for TM2 to do is
to open an Untitled document window 
>>> if the file browser is in use
and the last document window is closed. 
>>> -AZ 
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