[TxMt] Bundle for PVL?

K.-Michael Aye kmichael.aye at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 11:20:07 UTC 2012

Dear all,

did any of you ever come along a PVL bundle for TextMate?
PVL stands for Parameter Value Language and is used for astronomical 
and planetary data headers, looking similar to this:

/* The source image data definition. */
    FILE_NAME    = "PSP_002622_0945_RED_cnode26:25702.IMG"
    RECORD_BYTES = 56522 <BYTES>
    FILE_RECORDS = 39152
    ^IMAGE       = "PSP_002622_0945_RED_cnode26:25702.IMG"
        DESCRIPTION                = "HiRISE projected and mosaicked product"
        LINES                      = 39152
        LINE_SAMPLES               = 28261
        BANDS                      = 1
        SAMPLE_TYPE                = MSB_UNSIGNED_INTEGER
        SAMPLE_BITS                = 16
        SAMPLE_BIT_MASK            = 2#0000001111111111#
        /* NOTE: The conversion from DN to I/F (intensity/flux) is: */
        /* I/F = (DN * SCALING_FACTOR) + OFFSET                     */
        /* I/F is defined as the ratio of the observed radiance and */
        /* the radiance of a 100% lambertian reflector with the sun */
        /* and camera orthogonal to the observing surface.          */
        SCALING_FACTOR             = 9.08568311937917e-06
        OFFSET                     = 0.0097943214240579

I would like the bundle be able to
* color-code group starts (OBJECT = …)
* values according to their type strings and numbers
* comments

Actually, the SQL bundle does a good job of color-coding these files, 
just the OBJECT emphasis and some big floating point numbers 
(interestingly) are color-coded weirdly (look at SCALING FACTOR value 
with the SQL bundle switched on, it's weird that the 9 is colored, but 
the fractional digits are not. (Using TM2)

If there is no PVL bundle, I guess I can 'derive' from the SQL bundle 
how this is done? I never created a bundle, is there any 'must-read' 
tutorial on that?

Best regards,

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