[TxMt] Re: Bug: HTML Output pane can be shrunk past window boundary, "losing" status bar

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon Mar 12 07:32:34 UTC 2012

On 04/03/2012, at 23.55, Marco Arment wrote:

> (Sorry if this is the wrong place for this: http://wiki.macromates.com/Main/BugReporting says to try the ticket system first, but the ticket system is not accepting new tickets. I guess that's a separate bug report.)

The ticket system was for 1.x and has since been closed with the links from the Contact page removed — wiki hasn’t been updated, mainly because I want to decommission it, so haven’t been fixing outdated pages (of which there are a few).

> […] HTML Output pane […] can be dragged down past the bottom edge of the window […]

Right, the layout view used for the various splits (of which the HTML output is one) is presently not constrained; ideally I want to use Lion’s new constraint-based layout system instead of writing my own code for this, but it requires dropping 10.6 compatibility, which we’re slowly building up the courage to do… :)

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