[TxMt] Bug: HTML Output pane can be shrunk past window boundary, "losing" status bar

Marco Arment me at marco.org
Sun Mar 4 16:55:48 UTC 2012

(Sorry if this is the wrong place for this: http://wiki.macromates.com/Main/BugReporting says to try the ticket system first, but the ticket system is not accepting new tickets. I guess that's a separate bug report.)

Since the first public 2.0 alpha, still in build 9090 at least:

In PHP mode, ^H brings up what I think is called the HTML Output pane in the lower third of the document window to show php.net documentation.

When this pane is visible, the rightmost segment of the main document status bar (now pushed above the pane) can be dragged up and down to resize the pane.

But it can be dragged down past the bottom edge of the window and "lost" such that the status bar is gone until the window is reopened.

Proposed bugfix:

- The HTML Output resize handle (the rightmost segment in the status bar) should not be draggable outside of the window boundary.

Proposed interface improvements:

- If the HTML Output resize handle is dragged to the bottom, the app should consider HTML Output "hidden" such that future invocations should show the HTML Output pane at its default size.

Currently, if you drag the handle down to make the HTML Output effectively 0 pixels high, the app still considers it open, so the next invocation of e.g. ^H will update the HTML Output window in its (hidden) place and appear to the user to do nothing.

- (Bundle-specific?) Repeating the same command (in the PHP case, ^H) that brings the HTML pane up should also hide it if it's already displayed (effectively invoking View -> Toggle HTML Output).

-Marco Arment

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