[TxMt] Re: Lion: launch warnings shown in Console.app

Fritz Anderson fritza at uchicago.edu
Sat Jun 9 15:33:43 UTC 2012

On 9 Jun 2012, at 7:54 AM, SQ wrote:

> Bump.
> If i haven't received an answer by next weekend assume i'm no longer on the list.

Cowed by your fearsome threat, I used Google. Your answer is here:


Summary: It's absolutely harmless, except for cluttering the log, which I find infuriating, but the 99% don't care. Apparently Allan hand-coded 1.x's Info.plist in the old format, and it seems Lion now requires CFBundleTypeRole. The Info.plist omits the key for almost every file type (about 90) for which TextMate is an editor.

Apple probably figured that Info.plist is tricky to completely fill in by hand, and everybody would be using Xcode (which always includes the key).

I can't speak for Allan for whether a very minor bug will be fixed in 1.5 while his attention is almost exclusively on 2.x.

	— F

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> On 28 May 2012, at 23:48, sirquijote at lavabit.com wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Are there any signs of this being fixed?  In combination with several
>> other apps' messages, this causes my logs to rotate much quicker than I'd
>> like.  I get 90 or so of the following on every launch of TextMate:
>> "TextMate: NSDocumentController Info.plist warning: The values of
>> CFBundleTypeRole entries must be 'Editor', 'Viewer', 'None', or 'Shell'."
>> I'm running TextMate 1.5.10 (1631) on OS X 10.7.4.
>> Thanks :)

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