[TxMt] Re: Find/Replace in Folder

Carsten Hoever hoever at gmx.de
Tue Jan 31 08:26:06 UTC 2012

On 31 Jan 2012, at 09:06, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 27/01/2012, at 14.36, Carsten Hoever wrote:
>> On 26 Jan 2012, at 19:38, Curt Sellmer wrote:
>>> When performing a find in folder and then replacing all of the matches with new content, how can I save all of the files.
>>> If I select 'Save All' from the menu the files are not saved.  The only way I have found so far is to press the <Next> button on the find dialog which then warns me that the files have not be saved and provides a button to do so.  Is there a more direct way to save these changes?
>> I am also more than irritated by this behavior. More than once I lost changes I made with a folder wide search and replace because I didn't know when to save where.
> It asks you to save if you close the window or do a new search. I am unsure how you managed to lose changes.

Coming from TM1 I was not expecting to get asked to save my files from the search and replace dialog, so I was unsure why I was getting this question. Accordingly I didn't really pay attention what I was selecting there. 

> That said, I don’t like the behavior myself, but I don’t see any other easy fix for this, other than introduce UI in the Find dialog that effectively shows a list of files affected (which is somewhat down on the list).

Why can't we stick to the old behavior as it was with project wide searches in TM1: The search and replace dialog does not mess with saving files, that is something you have to do when you are back in TM's main window. This feels more natural to me, even though I can see that there might be problems with that as well. If you want to stick to saving from the find and replace dialog, at least give it a separate save button or, preferably, allow us to save all files with a keyboard command (alt+cmd+s comes to my mind). For me, the current implementation with getting asked when closing the search window or pressing next really feels like an unnecessary interruption of my workflow.


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