[TxMt] Re: R Console (Rdaemon)

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Mon Jan 23 10:23:40 UTC 2012

Hi Liisi,

sorry for thew delay but I'm rather busy.

On 19.01.2012, at 22:30, Kaari Linask wrote:

> Does anyone know what might prevent the results of a an executed command to show up in the R Console? Every time I type a command the line ends up cleared and no output is displayed. It seems that the command is getting executed as I can can see the result if I open up r_out. It even shows up in the history.
> Here is a simple example of what I get on newly installed Rdaemon after launching from TM_Rdaemon.app and executing:

> >ls()
> After hitting return the console gets cleared to:
> >

Hmm, does this happen all the time even if you restart RDaemon/TM/Mac? The only circumstance I can can think of is if something while executing went wrong and the redirect of RDaemon's output wasn't set correctly.

Try to execute the Rdaemon bundle command "Reset Output" [⌥⌘A - in "Auxiliaries" sub-folder] several times.

And please try to execute that command in R or R.app GUI:

Is the output "base"?

If this doesn't help please tell me which R version (32 or 64 bit, and locales), Rdaemon version (look at help for date), which Mac OS version, and sessionInfo().


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