[TxMt] R Console (Rdaemon)

Kaari Linask kiirekala at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 21:30:23 UTC 2012


Does anyone know what might prevent the results of a an executed command to show up in the R Console? Every time I type a command the line ends up cleared and no output is displayed. It seems that the command is getting executed as I can can see the result if I open up r_out. It even shows up in the history.

Here is a simple example of what I get on newly installed Rdaemon after launching from TM_Rdaemon.app and executing:

> ls()

After hitting return the console gets cleared to:


In r_out I get:

WARNING: unknown option '--TMRdaemon'

ARGUMENT '2' __ignored__

> source("/Users/linaskk/Library/Application Support/Rdaemon/daemon/start.r")
> sink('/Users/linaskk/Library/Application Support/Rdaemon/r_tmp');cat(geterr
<ary/Application Support/Rdaemon/r_tmp');cat(geterrm                         essage());sink(file=NULL)
> sink('/Users/linaskk/Library/Application Support/Rdaemon/r_tmp');args(ls)
> sink(file=NULL)
> sink('/Users/linaskk/Library/Application Support/Rdaemon/r_tmp');cat(gsub('
<ary/Application Support/Rdaemon/r_tmp');cat(gsub('.                         *?/library/(.*?)/.*','\\1

<aemon/r_tmp');cat(gsub('.*?/library/(.*?)/.*','\\1'                         ,as.vector(help('ls',try.

<?/library/(.*?)/.*','\\1',as.vector(help('ls',try.a                         ll.packages=F)),perl=T),s

<as.vector(help('ls',try.all.packages=F)),perl=T),se                         p='\n')
> sink(file=NULL)
> ls()
[1] "jpeg" "pdf"  "png" 

I've used Rdaemon before on other systems running the same OS X 10.6.8 without a problem, so I am not sure why it doesn't work on this particular system. The same thing happens in both TM1 and TM2.


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